6 reasons to buy a holiday home

To help you make the best decision you’ll ever make, here are our top reasons for buying a holiday home…

There are so many reasons why you should buy a holiday home in the UK and even more reasons to choose the all-year-round Castle Howard Lakeside Holiday Park as your address.


We all dream of going on holiday and probably spend more time reminiscing about past holidays than any other subject.  They are clearly important to us and definitely important to our health and wellbeing.

Imagine owning your own holiday home where you can enjoy unlimited time with endless new memories just waiting to be made.

Your caravan will fast become your go-to escape and holidaying here will make you feel better… you get to spend quality time with family and friends. You’re likely to exercise more, laugh more, have more fresh air and daylight. You sleep better and you de-stress.  Now, if that doesn’t convince you to buy your own caravan or lodge, we don’t know what would!  In fact, we think they should be on prescription!

And yet, add to this, the extra benefits of buying a holiday home at Castle Howard Lakeside Holiday Park with its jaw-droppingly gorgeous setting, spacious plots, free family membership to Castle Howard, free fishing on the Great Lake and a fantastic base to explore more of North Yorkshire... and we can almost see you reaching for our phone number!


Family comes in all shapes and sizes and one thing we know for a fact is that ALL families, of all ages, can benefit from owning their own holiday home here on the Castle Howard Estate. 

The setting, the freedom, the home comforts… it all adds up to a better quality of time spent together and each and every one of you will feel better for it.

What’s more, as soon as your friends know you have a family holiday home you will soon be welcoming them to stay as well, so the feelgood factor of your home extends to other families too.

There is nothing quite like family enjoying time together on holiday… except family enjoying their own holiday home.  Happy days in your happy place!


Leaving your four-legged friends at the kennels when you jet off on holiday is an upsetting ordeal for everyone, but that is a thing of the past when you buy a dog friendly holiday home here in the UK. We are well known for being a pet friendly holiday park in Yorkshire, and many of our owners have dogs.

As any dog-owning owner will tell you, they are as excited as you are to be returning, especially when they have friends next door to play with.

There is nothing quite like the endless walks and adventures that await you here on the Castle Howard Estate and your dog will be over-the-moon that you’ve bought him a caravan!


Choosing to buy a holiday home is a big decision, but it is a well-proven investment in lifestyle. 

Whether you’re looking for a much-needed work-life balance, a retreat for just the two of you, a place to try new adventures and meet new friends, a quiet retirement get-away, or the perfect spot for family bonding – your new four walls have the power to provide all of this… and a whole lot more besides.

Slip away on a Friday night for an impromptu weekend without any planning. Look and feel better after every one of your unlimited holidays. Enjoy your inward glow with the quiet self-satisfaction that you chose well and it was more affordable than everyone thinks!

Buying a second home gives you permission to adjust the life you have so that you can truly embrace the lifestyle.  And, you’ll be the envy of family and friends for doing it!


Why have only one big annual holiday when you can take as many breaks as you like in the comfort of your very own home-from-home? 

When you buy a lodge or caravan here at Castle Howard Lakeside Holiday Park, you can go on holiday whenever you like and it’s blissfully simple too!

You don’t need to book anything, there’s no need to check and re-check any travel documents, no need to plan your route, no airport hassles, no lost luggage… just jump in the car and go… and repeat as many times as you want.  Even the most last-minute getaways are easy to organise when you’re holidaying in your own UK holiday home.

Surely this is the ultimate in stress free travel!


All of our holiday homes for sale have the mod cons and comforts you are used to, so all you need to do is personalise it to make it feel more like home! 

If you want to keep the packing down to a minimum when you leave home, then make sure your cupboards and drawers have everything you need when you arrive at your caravan.  This is England after all, so never underestimate the bonus of having flipflops at the back of the wardrobe when you’ve only packed wellies because the sun has come our since you left home!  A ‘holiday home wardrobe’ makes life so much easier! 

Regular returners will even have a well-stocked freezer and food in the cupboards, so all they have to do is pop the milk in the fridge and switch on the kettle.  How easy is that for holidaying!


At the end of the day, your reasons for buying a holiday home are all that matter; ours are just suggestions, but whatever it is that makes you decide to buy, we are pretty certain of one thing… you will find far more enjoyment and benefit than we could ever write about.