Financing your holiday home purchase

We look at the different ways you can finance buying your new holiday home at Castle Howard Lakeside Holiday Park.

Finance options

Buying a holiday home is a dream come true and choosing the right park and the right caravan for you and your family is genuinely life enhancing. 

The good news is that alongside a fabulous choice of brand new and pre-loved caravans here at Castle Howard Lakeside Holiday Park, there are also different ways you can buy.  Don’t worry, it isn’t complicated, it just means that the dream of owning a holiday home in Yorkshire is more affordable to even more people.

In our experience, although some buyers prefer to use savings or a personal loan to purchase outright, some opt for a dedicated finance package to spread the cost and enable them to start enjoying a holiday home much sooner than they thought possible.

Finance makes sense for lots of families, for lots of reasons and it is a very straightforward, well-regulated means of buying a holiday home.  So where do you start?  Well, the internet is a great place for this kind of research and a quick search will reveal a variety of companies that specialise in tailored packages to enable you to buy your caravan.  In essence, all offer the same basic formula of a deposit and repayments at a certain interest rate, but the detail of these packages varies tremendously, so you need to choose carefully. 

You’ll also come across various finance calculators which can be helpful when you’re trying to determine the size of deposit and length of repayments.  Most also show you the amount of interest you pay for their finance plan.  There’s a lot of flexibility with these, so have a play around to help you get an idea of the right balance for you.

Back at Castle Howard Lakeside Holiday Park, whilst your dedicated sales advisor is by your side throughout the whole buying process, they are unable to give you any financial advice, so do your homework.  If it helps, we can put you in touch with our appointed agent, Bridlington Caravan Centre* who work with Black Horse and have been assisting buyers since 1986.  The team is incredibly helpful and very experienced in every buying scenario, so probably worth a conversation.

However you choose to buy your holiday home, you can rest assured that we’ll do everything we can to make sure it’s the best decision you’ve ever made. 

We just can’t wait to hand over the keys to your slice of glorious North Yorkshire.  Welcome to Castle Howard Lakeside Holiday Park.


*Bridlington Caravan Centre are our appointed agent, but you are welcome to use whichever finance route suits your needs.  Please remember, we do not offer any financial advice.